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FAQ’s for Killer Loop

1. Is it safe to fly through Caracas?

Yes, it is, and to go from the International Terminal to the National Terminal you don’t even
need to exit into the main terminal lobby. There is a large illuminated passage way that connects
the two if you prefer not to go into the main terminal. If you desire, I have a “meet and greet”
group I have used for 10 years who for a nominal fee will gladly meet you where you land and
get you checked in for the next flight. If you need to overnight, they will pick you up at the
airport, get you checked into the hotel, and then do the same the following morning and wait
until you are checked in and pass through security.

2. Your home says it sleeps 8 but there are only 3 big beds, where would two others stay?

In addition to 3 beds which can be separated to sleep up to 5 unrelated parties, we have a top
notch blow up mattress with sheets and pillows that will accommodate another 2 persons.
Please let me know your bedding needs prior to arrival.

3. Is it safe to drink the water in Margarita?

As with any foreign country and for that matter even
when you travel to a different city in your own country, your stomach / intestine may not be
used to variances. I suggest you drink bottled water and use bottled water for your cooking and
coffee needs. When you arrive at Club Z the house is stocked with enough bottled water to last
several days and there are 5 markets all within 1-2 blocks of my home to keep stocked up. For
the record, I have a water purification system in my home and use the ice and water personally,
but I have a strong constitution and still suggest guests use bottled water for their needs.

4. What if there is no wind, what can I do but sit on the beach and bum out?

There is a lot of activities going on in El Yaque from paddle boarding, sea kayaking, mountain biking and hiking
if you don’t want to get too far away from the beach in case Mother Nature decides to blow.
If you like there is an incredible rainforest on the island, shopping mall with the hottest stores,
Versace, Coach, Fendi, Gucci, etc. and a lot of other beaches where there is always body surfing,
and a change of scenery.

5. If I want to venture out around the island but don’t know where to go who can I trust to show
me around.?

I have a great island tour guide ( link) who speaks English, Spanish, and a few other
languages who will happily give you an island tour or take you to specific places of interest.

6. Is Margarita a good place to bring my children?


The beach is beautiful and the water is very
shallow for nearly 100 yards offshore. The food is great for children, plenty of places to find
pizza, hamburgers, fries, and ice cream.

7. What if I am just learning to windsurf or kite, is this a good place to learn?


El Yaque is home to some of the worlds best windsurfers and kiters and they all learned on this beach. The wind is a
side on-shore which means you will always be blown back onto the beach. It is very shallow for
over 100 yards from the beach with a sand bottom so it is an easy walk back in….trust me I did it
1000 times.

8. Will I see anyone famous in El Yaque?


You will see some of the worlds best windsurfers and
kiters depending on the time of year and what their competitive schedule is like. Next door to
my home is Ricardo Campello the World Freestyle Champion. You may see ___ on the water
doing tricks.

9. How much money should I bring to El Yaque?


Not as much as you would think. The official exchange rate is available in the Cambio
but money can be changed nearly everywhere so don’t worry.

10. Do the restaurants and shops prefer credit cards?


Actually they discourage credit cards and prefer cash or bolivars.
The credit card companies typically charge a much higher fee to the
merchants who just pass it along to you the consumer. Many will take credit cards
but the fees may vary from 10 -12% on top of the total bill.

11. Is your home air conditioned?


Yes there are two different zones so different members of the
same group can adjust the temperature to their needs.

12. Is there a pharmacy in El Yaque?


There are several places you can purchase the basics, aspirin,
Tylenol, Imodium, etc. but I generally keep a good supply of all the basics you would need
in the kitchen cabinet. If you need something else and cannot find it in El Yaque, there is a
Pharmacia less than 10 minutes away at the Porlamar Airport that you flew into.

13. Should we rent a car for our stay?


 I recommend that you first experience all that El Yaque has to offer and may find no need
to leave the village. You have multiple great restaurants which is why most folks think they
need to wander, and the night life varies from night to night but
there is always something happening. If you decide you want a car without a reservation, go to
Anahi Bockl (Link) and she can help arrange a car otherwise go back to the Airport ( less than 10
minutes) and shop around at the car rental center. Be sure to check out your car for any damage
prior to renting and enjoy but be careful, Venezuelan’s aren’t the most cautious drivers in the
world, I have seen a lot worse but best to drive with carefully.
For the record, I rent a car usually about 5 days in.

14. How do I get to some of the other major tourist attractions in Venezuela like Angel Falls?

Down the main street at the Jump n Jibe Hotel is Anahi Bockl a licensed travel agent in the
village. She can book airfare and hotel to some of the other exotic locations in Venezuela and
besides is just a generally beautiful person who helps take care of some of the villages poorest
families, school needs, and dogs and cats in the village.
She is the Angel of El Yaque, stop bye and say hello.

15. Is there a swimming pool at Club Z?


 No, as owners we have discussed putting in a pool but no
decision to do so yet. If you wish to lounge around a swimming pool, I can possibly arrange
for us of the pool at one of the other hotels, that would be at your expense, probably around
$10.00 USD extra per day.

16. Can I cook in the Condo?


Yes, Club Z has a fully equipped kitchen with Stove, Oven, Microwave,
dishwasher and all the pots and pans and utensil to make a gourmet meal. Honestly with all
the good restaurants in El Yaque, I seldom cook on vacation but still equipped the kitchen with
everything you need. Of course there is a coffee maker and grinder, that gets used daily.

17. What restaurants do you recommend in El Yaque?

 A number of restaurants come and go, but
for sure Café Locale is a staple, as is Fuerza 6, and Rocco’s Italian.

18. Are groceries more expensive in El Yaque?


 I don’t believe they are more expensive and if they are it is only by a little bit.
However the selection in El Yaque is much more limited than if went
to the SIGO store or SanBill Center but they are a good 20 -30 minutes away by car.

19. How do I get to Angel Falls or Los Roques from El Yaque?


Down the street from Killer Loop is a travel agent by the name of Anahi.
She is located in the Jump n Jibe Hotel. She can arrange
all travel needs around Venezuela and she is a wonderful person and easy to deal with. If you
are considering going to these or other locations, it is much less expensive to wait until you are
down in El Yaque to arrange your tours. I can put confirmed quests in touch with her prior to
your arrival in El Yaque.

20. What are check-in times and Check out times at Club Z?


Typically check-in times are 2:00 and Check Out is 12 noon.
I realize most guests come from a foreign country and the planes arrive
all morning and afternoon. With advance notice, I can accommodate special situations on either
end up to a point. Let me know ahead and we can arrange a place to shower or unpack and

21. What if I have a large group of people, can you accommodate us?


The answer is usually but not always. I have access to a 2 bedroom unit downstairs
that could sleep up to an additional 5 individuals. It is downstairs, not furnished as
elaborately but the price reflects that. It is very nice and give me
as much advance notice as possible to attempt to arrange for you.


We can help with your vacation travel as we have trustworthy folks on the ground to do a meet and greet if you are flying through or must overnight in Caracas(CCS), and the same for Airport pickup and delivery in Porlamar. (PMV) Happy to supply our guests with friendly and reliable “feet on the street” to insure your holiday is a success.





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